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She persisted: Transforming software engineering at Autodesk

January 25, 2018

Two technology leaders share practical advice on culture change, women in tech, and transforming software development to raise productivity and build better products.

Year of Engineering: Encourage children into engineering

January 23, 2018

UWE Bristol and the Ministry of Defence (MOD) have kicked off the Year of Engineering with the launch of a national engineering competition for schools.

Colleges, employers want female engineers: Where are they

August 27, 2017

Local universities are welcoming slightly more female engineering students this year, but some college administrators say high-profile displays of sexism at companies, like what recently happened at Google, are deterring women from choosing the major.

Meet Women Leading the Water Industry in America around #WomenImpactingWater

August 30, 2017

Are you a woman impacting the water industry? A female engineer, scientist, construction worker, technician? How did you choose your career? We’d love for you to share your story beginning today and through the month of September using #WomenImpactingWater on social media.

Engineering: How a dream career choice has fallen out of favour

September 01, 2017

Not long ago, engineering, along with medicine, was a student's ticket to success in life. The standard question to children used to be: Will you become a doctor or engineer? Not any more. There is a glut of engineers in the country and most of them are not employable. Old problems of low-quality education and outdated curricula have become more pronounced with automation and emerging technology reshaping businesses. 

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